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Silica, often in the form of high quality sand, sodium oxide, calcium oxide, other ingredients (Al2O3, Na2O, Fe2O3), a clarifying agent such as Na2SO4, etc. are added together and melted. The melting range is over several hundred degrees.

Bubbles, which are formed by moisture, air and thermal decomposition of trace nitrates, sulfates, hydrates and carbonates are removed by clarifying agents.

W. Büchner, R. Schliebs, G. Winter, K.H. Büchel, Industrial Inorganic Chemistry, VCH, 1989

Lead Crystal
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Silicon dioxide 60%    Reactions Using    Reactions Forming
Lead(II) oxide 24%    Reactions Using    Reactions Forming
Potassium oxide 11%    Reactions Using    Reactions Forming
Lead glass     Reactions Using    Reactions Forming

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