Carbanion (generic)
  Generic ion.

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Carbanion (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Carbanion (generic)
Alkyl, -R (generic)

Lobe-HOMO Lewis base (generic)

Soft Lewis base (generic)

SP3, SP2 and SP FMO (generic)

Acetylide anion (generic)

Aldehyde stabilised carbanion (generic)

Alkenyl lithium (generic)

Alkyl lithium (generic)

Allyl anion

Benzyl cyanide anion

Benzyl lithium

n Butyl anion




Calcium carbide

1° Carbanion (generic)

2° Carbanion (generic)

3° Carbanion (generic)

Carbanion, stabilised (generic)

Carbide ion

Carboxylate dianion (generic)

Cyanide ion

Cycloheptatriene anion

Cyclopentadienyl anion

Cyclopropenyl anion

Cyclopropyl anion

Diethyl malonate carbanion

Enamine anion (generic)

Ester stabilised carbanion (generic)

Ethyl anion

Fluorene anion

Grignard reagent (generic)

Grignard reagent, alkyl magnesium bromide (generic)

Grignard reagent, alkyl magnesium chloride (generic)

Hydrogen acetylide anion

Lithium acetylide

Lithium carbide

Lithium diorganocopper reagent (generic)

Methanide ion

Methyl anion

Methyl ketone enolate ion (generic)

Methyl lithium in diethyl ether

Methyl lithium/Tetramethylethylenediamine complex

Methyl magnesium iodide

Pentalene dianion

Phenyl anion

Phenyl anion (generic)

Phenyl lithium

Phenylacetylide anion

9-Phenylfluorene anion

Phosphonate stabilised carbanion (generic)

SP3, SP2 and SP FMO (generic)

Vinyl anion

Vinyl anion (generic)

Wittig reagent (generic)

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