Real atomic ion (generic)
  Electronically neutral generic.

Real atomic ion (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Real atomic ion (generic)
Aluminium ion

Antimony(III) ion

Antimony(V) ion

Arsenic(III) ion

Arsenic(V) ion

Arsenide ion

Barium ion

Beryllium ion

Bismuth ion

Bismuth(V) Ion

Bromide ion

Bromine cation

Cadmium ion

Calcium ion

Cerium(III) ion

Cerium(IV) ion

Cesium cation

Chloride ion

Chlorine cation

Chromium(II) ion

Chromium(III) ion

Chromium(VI) ion

Cobalt(II) ion

Cobalt(III) ion

Copper(I) ion

Copper(II) ion

Deuteride ion


Fluoride ion

Fluorine cation

Gallium(I) ion

Gallium(III) ion

Germanium(II) ion

Gold(I) Ion

Gold(III) Ion

Hydride ion

Indium(I) ion

Indium(III) Ion

Iodide ion

Iodine cation

Iridium(III) Ion

Iridium(IV) Ion

Iron(II) ion

Iron(III) ion

Lanthanum(III) Ion

Lead(II) ion

Lead(IV) ion

Lithium ion

Magnesium ion

Manganese(II) ion

Manganese(III) ion

Manganese(IV) ion

Manganese(VII) ion

Mercury(II) ion

Methanide ion

Molybdenum(III) ion

Molybdenum(IV) ion

Molybdenum(VI) ion

Nickel(II) ion

Nitride ion

Osmium(III) Ion

Osmium(IV) Ion

Oxide ion

Palladium(II) ion

Phosphide ion

Platinum(II) ion

Potassium ion


Rhenium(VII) ion

Rhodium(I) ion

Rubidium cation

Ruthenium(II) ion

Scandium(III) ion

Selenide ion

Silver ion

Sodium ion

Stibnide ion

Strontium ion

Sulfide ion

Tantalum(III) Ion

Tellurium dianion

Thallium(I) ion

Thallium(III) ion

Tin(II) ion

Tin(IV) ion

Titanium(II) ion

Titanium(III) ion

Titanium(IV) ion

Triteride ion

Tritium cation

Tungsten(VI) Ion

Uranium(III) ion

Uranium(IV) ion

Vanadium(II) ion

Vanadium(III) ion

Vanadium(IV) ion

Vanadium(V) ion

Yttrium(III) ion

Zinc ion

Zirconium ion

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