Cluster compound (generic)
  Electronically neutral generic.

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The Classification of Matter

The Laing Tetrahedron of Bonding & Material Type

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Cluster compound (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Cluster compound (generic)
Material type (generic)

Molybdenum(II) bromide

Molybdenum(II) chloride

Molybdenum(II) iodide

Niobium(III) bromide

Niobium(III) chloride

Niobium(III) iodide

Rhenium(III) bromide

Rhenium(III) chloride

Rhenium(III) iodide

Tantalum(III) bromide

Tantalum(III) chloride

Tungsten(II) bromide

Tungsten(II) chloride

Tungsten(II) iodide

Tungsten(III) bromide

Tungsten(III) chloride

Tungsten(III) iodide

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