Octahedral molecular shape (generic)
Square bipyramidal molecular shape (generic)
VSEPR geometry = AX6 (generic)
  Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) structural generic.

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VSEPR geometry = AX6 (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
VSEPR geometry = AX6 (generic)
Aluminium hexafluoride ion

Aqueous M(II) ion (AS/A2 generic)

Aqueous M(III) ion (AS/A2 generic)

Bromine hexafluoride ion

Chromium carbonyl

Cobalt(II) EDTA complex ion

Cobalt(II) tris(ethanedioate) complex ion

Cobalt(II) tris(ethylenediamine) ion

Cobalt(III) dichloro bis(ethylenediamine) complex ion

Copper(II) EDTA complex ion

Dichlorotetraaquachromium(III) ion

Dichlorotetraaquavanadium(III) ion

Hexaamminochromium(III) ion

Hexaamminocobalt(II) ion

Hexaamminocobalt(III) ion

Hexaaquaaluminium complex ion

Hexaaquachromium(II) ion

Hexaaquachromium(III) ion

Hexaaquacobolt(II) ion

Hexaaquacopper(II) ion

Hexaaquairon(II) ion

Hexaaquairon(III) ion

Hexaaquamanganese(II) ion

Hexaaquavanadium(II) ion

Hexaaquavanadium(III) ion


Hexafluoroarsinate ion

Hexahydroiron(II) ion

Hexahydroxychromium(III) ion

Iodine hexafluoride ion

Iron(II) bipyridyl ion

Iron(III) tris(ethanedioate) complex ion

Nickel(II) tris(ethylenediamine) ion

Pentaaquahydroxychromium(III) ion

Pentaaquahydroxyiron(III) ion

Pentaaquathiocyanatoiron(III) ion

Pentaaquaoxovanadium(IV) ion

Perxenate ion

Phosphorus hexafluoride ion

Sulfur hexafluoride

Tetraamminodiaquacopper(II) ion







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