Alloy (generic)
Metallic alloy (generic)
  Electronically neutral generic.

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Alloy (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Alloy (generic)
Material type (generic)

Aluminum alloy 3S

Aluminum bronze

Aluminum-silicon 43

Battery plates

Bell metal

Bismuth amalgam

Blue gold

Brass, ordinary yellow

Brittania metal, English

Bronze, commercial

Cast iron, gray

Chinese silver

Coinage gold

Cooper's gold

Dark red gold

Dentist's amalgam

Dowmetal O

Duraloy B



German silver

Gold, 8 carat

Gold, 14 carat

Gold, 16 carat

Gray gold


Iron cobalt alloy

Lead shot

Lead-sodium alloy

Lindlar catalyst


Manganese bronze


Naval Brass

Neodynium iron boride

Nichrome IV

Nichrome wire

Nickel coinage, U.S.A

Palladium alloy

Palladium gold

Palladium white gold


Phosphor bronze 30

Platinum-iridium alloy

Plumber's solder

Purple gold

Raney nickel

Rhine metal

Rose metal

Silicon steel

Silver, U.S. coinage

Stainless steel


Sterling stainless steel T


Tungsten filament alloy

Tungsten steel

White gold

White metal

White platinum gold

Wood's metal

Zinc mercury amalgam

Zinc-Copper Alloy

Zirconium platinum alloy

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