alpha-Amino acid, protonated (generic)
  Generic ion.

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alpha-Amino acid, protonated (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
alpha-Amino acid, protonated (generic)
1° Ammonium ion (generic)

Carboxylic acid (generic)

Alanine, protonated

Arginine, doubly-protonated

Arginine, protonated

Asparagine, protonated

Aspartic acid, protonated

Cysteine, protonated

Glutamic acid, protonated

Glutamine, protonated

Glycine, protonated

Histidine, doubly-protonated

Histidine, protonated

Isoleucine, protonated

Leucine, protonated

Lysine, doubly-protonated

Lysine, protonated

Methionine, protonated

Phenylalanine, protonated

Proline, protonated

Serine, protonated

Threonine, protonated

Tryptophan, protonated

Tyrosine, protonated

Valine, protonated

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