Aldehyde, alpha-halogen (generic)
alpha-Halo aldehyde or ketone (generic)
Ketone, alpha-halogen (generic)
  Electronically neutral generic.

alpha-Halo aldehyde or ketone (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
alpha-Halo aldehyde or ketone (generic)
alpha-Bromo ketone (generic)

alpha-Keto carbenium synthon (generic)

Ketone (generic)

Nucleophilic attack susceptible species (generic)

alpha-Bromo ketone (generic)


Bromoacetate ion

Bromoacetic acid

alpha-Bromoaldehyde (generic)

(2R)-2-Bromopropanoate ion

(2R)-2-Bromopropanoic acid


Chloroacetic acid

Dichloroacetate ion

Dichloroacetic acid

Iodoacetate ion

Iodoacetic acid


Trichloroacetate ion

Trichloroacetic acid

Trifluoroacetate ion

Trifluoroacetic acid

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