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Toluene is converted to TDI using several steps.

First, toluene is nitrated to a mixture of the 2,4- and 2,6-dinitrotoluenes with nitric/sulfuric acid mixture. The dinitrotoluenes are reduced to the corresponding amines by catalytic hydrogenation (Raney Ni, 100°C, 50 bar). Finally, the amines are converted to converted into the isocyanate with phosgene. Many process variations are employed.

Industrial Organic Chemistry, 3rd. Ed. K. Weissermel, H.-J. Arpe, VCH (1997)

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Interaction, Reaction, Process defined as:
Elimination: First Order
Hydrogenation, catalytic
Industrial Process: Organic
Substitution: Electrophilic Aromatic
Substitution: Nucleophilic Second Order

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