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Alkyl carbenium ion (generic)
Carbenium ion (generic)
Carbocation (generic)
  Generic ion.

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Carbenium ion (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Carbenium ion (generic)
Brønsted Acid, non-hydroxy (generic)

Electrophile (generic)

Lobe-LUMO Lewis acid (generic)

Nucleophilic attack susceptible species (generic)

SP3, SP2 and SP FMO (generic)

Alkyl alkoxy hydroxy carbenium ion (generic)

Alkyl methyl carbenium ion (generic)

Bromomethylmethylcarbenium ion

Carbenium ion

Carbenium ion, alkoxy (generic)

Carbenium ion, alkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-amino (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-ether (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-thioether (generic)

Carbenium ion, dialkoxy (generic)

Carbenium ion, dialkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion, trialkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion/tetrachloro aluminate complex (generic)

Carboxylic acid, protonated (generic)

Dialkylhydroxy carbenium ion (generic)

Dimethylethylcarbenium ion

Dimethylethylcarbenium ion

Dimethylphenyl carbenium ion

Ethenyl bromonium ion

Ethylcarbenium ion

Ethylium ion

alpha-Keto carbenium ion (generic)

Neopentyl cation

SP3, SP2 and SP FMO (generic)

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