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Complex ion (generic)
Ion, complex (generic)
Complex Ion
  Electronically neutral generic.

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Complex ion (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Complex ion (generic)
Acetate ion

Acetone enolate ion

Acetonitrile anion

Acetonitrile, protonated

Acetyl cation

Acetyl coenzyme A

Acetylacetone anion

Acrylate ion


Alanine, deprotonated

Alanine, protonated

Allyl alkoxide ion

Allyl anion

Allyl cation

Alpha particle

Aluminium hexafluoride ion

Amide ion

Amidosulfate anion

Ammonium ion


Arginine, deprotonated

Arginine, doubly-protonated

Arginine, protonated

Argonium ion

Arsenate (dihydrogen) ion

Arsenate (hydrogen) ion

Arsenite ion

Arsinate ion

Arsine anion

Arsonium ion

Asparagine, deprotonated

Asparagine, protonated

Aspartic acid, deprotonated

Aspartic acid, doubly-deprotonated

Aspartic acid, protonated


Aurocyanide ion

Azide ion

Azoniaanthracene ion

Benzaldehyde radical cation

Benzene diazonium ion

Benzenesulfonate ion

Benzoate ion

Benzonium ion

Benzophenone radical anion

Benzoyl cation

Benzyl anion

Benzyl cation

Benzyl cyanide anion

Benzylphenylsulfone anion

Beryllate ion

Bicarbonate ion

Bifluoride ion

Bisulfite ion

Borate ion

Bromate ion

Bromine hexafluoride ion

Bromoacetate ion

Bromomethylmethylcarbenium ion

Bromonium ion

(2R)-2-Bromopropanoate ion

But-1-ylium ion

Butanoate ion

tertiary Butyl alkoxide

1-Butylammonium ion

n Butyl anion

sec Butyl anion

tertiary Butyl carbanion

tertiary Butyl carbocation

cis (4- t Butylcyclo hexyl) trimethyl ammonium ion

trans (4-tertiary Butylcyclohexyl) trimethyl ammonium ion

tertiary Butyl oxonium ion

n Butyl thio anion

Carbenium ion

Carbide ion

Carbonate ion

Carbonium ion

Chlorate ion

Chlorine diiodide ion

Chlorine tetrafluoride ion

Chlorite ion

Chloroethanoate ion

Chloronium ion

Chromate ion, hydrogen

Chromate(VI) ion

cis Cinnamate ion

trans Cinnamate ion

Citrate (dihydrogen) ion

Citrate ion

Cobalt(II) EDTA complex ion

Cobalt(II) tris(ethanedioate) complex ion

Cobalt(II) tris(ethylenediamine) ion

Cobalt(III) dichloro bis(ethylenediamine) complex ion

Coenzyme A

Copper(II) EDTA complex ion

Cyanamide ion

Cyanate ion

Cyanide ion


Cyanoacetate ion


Cyclic AMP

Cyclic GMP

Cyclobutyl anion

Cycloheptatriene anion

Cyclohexanone enolate ion

Cyclohexenyl anion

Cyclohexyl anion

Cyclohexyl trimethyl ammonium ion

Cyclooctatetrene dianion

Cyclopentadienyl anion

Cyclopentane carboxylate ion

Cyclopentyl anion

Cyclopropane carboxylate ion

Cyclopropenyl anion

alpha-Cyclopropyl cation

Cyclopropyl anion

Cysteine, deprotonated

Cysteine, doubly-deprotonated

Cysteine, protonated

Diamminosilver(I) ion

Dichloroacetate ion

Dichlorosilver(I) ion

Dichlorotetraaquachromium(III) ion

Dichlorotetraaquavanadium(III) ion

Dichromate(VI) ion

Dicyanosilver(I) ion


Diethyl malonate carbanion

Diethyloxonium ion

Diethylsulfonium ion

Difluorochloronium ion

Dihydrogen cation

Dihydrogen phosphate ion

Dihydroxymethyl carbenium ion

Diisopropylamide anion

Dimethyl carbenium ion

Dimethyl sulfonium ion

Dimethylamide anion

Dimethylammonium ion

Dimethylethylcarbenium ion

Dimethylethylcarbenium ion

Dimethylformamide, protonated

Dimethylhydroxy carbenium ion

Dimethyloxonium ion

Dimethylphenyl carbenium ion

Dimethylsulfoxide anion

Dimethylsulfoxide, protonated

Dinitromethane anion

2,4-Dinitrophenoxide ion

1,4-Dioxane, protonated

Dioxovanadium(V) ion

Dioxygen cation

Diphenyl amide anion

Diphenyl carbenium ion

Diphenyl phosphine anion

Diphenylammonium ion

Diphenylmethyl anion

Disulfide (hydrogen) ion

Disulfide dianion

Disulfite ion

1,2-Dithioethane dianion

1,2-Dithioethane monoanion

Dithionate ion

Dithionite ion

Dithiosulfatosilver(I) ion

Duteronium ion

Eigen Cation

Ethanolamine, protonated

Ethenyl bromonium ion

Ethoxide ion

Ethyl acetoacetate anion

Ethyl anion

Ethyl thioanion

Ethylacetate anion

Ethylacetate, protonated

Ethylamide anion

Ethylammonium ion

Ethylbenzene SeAr intermediate

Ethylcarbenium ion

Ethylene glycol anion

Ethylene glycol dianion

Ethylenediamine, mono-protonated

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid dianion

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid mono anion

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid tetraanion

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid trianion

Ethylium ion

Ethyloxonium ion

Ethylsulfonium ion

Fluorene anion

Fluoronium ion

Fluorosulfonate ion

Formate ion

Formyl cation

Fulminate ion

Fumarate (hydrogen) ion

Fumarate dianion


Germanate (dihydrogen) ion

Germanate (trihydrogen) ion

Germane hydride anion

Germanium hexachloride dianion

Germanium hexafluoride dianion

Glutamic acid, deprotonated

Glutamic acid, doubly-deprotonated

Glutamic acid, protonated

Glutamine, deprotonated

Glutamine, protonated

Glycine, deprotonated

Glycine, protonated

Glycoate ion



Guanidine, protonated

Helonium ion

Hexaamminochromium(III) ion

Hexaamminocobalt(II) ion

Hexaamminocobalt(III) ion

Hexaaquaaluminium complex ion

Hexaaquachromium(II) ion

Hexaaquachromium(III) ion

Hexaaquacobolt(II) ion

Hexaaquacopper(II) ion

Hexaaquairon(II) ion

Hexaaquairon(III) ion

Hexaaquamanganese(II) ion

Hexaaquavanadium(II) ion

Hexaaquavanadium(III) ion


Hexafluoroarsinate ion


Hexafluoroplatinate ion

Hexafluorosilicate ion

Hexahydroiron(II) ion

Hexahydroxychromium(III) ion

Histidine, deprotonated

Histidine, doubly-protonated

Histidine, protonated

Hydrazide anion

Hydrazinium ion

Hydrogen acetylide anion

Hydrogen citrate ion

Hydrogen difluoride ion

Hydrogen peroxide anion

Hydrogen peroxide radical anion

Hydrogen phosphite ion

Hydrogen selenate ion

Hydrogen selenide ion

Hydrogen silicate ion

Hydrogen sulfate ion

Hydrogen sulfenium ion

Hydrogen sulfide anion

Hydrogen telluride anion

Hydronium ion, [H3]+

Hydroxide ion

Hydroxy carbenium ion

Hydroxy cation

Hydroxyammonium ion

Hydroxymethyl carbenium ion

(2R)-2-Hydroxy propanoate ion

Hypobromite ion

Hypochlorite ion

Hypoflourite ion

Hypoiodite ion

Hyponitrite ion

Hypophosphite ion

Imidazole anion

Imidazonium ion

Imide ion

Iodate ion

Iodine dichloride ion

Iodine hexafluoride ion

Iodine octafluoride ion

Iodoacetate ion

Iodonium ion

Iron(II) bipyridyl ion

Iron(III) tris(ethanedioate) complex ion

Isoleucine, deprotonated

Isoleucine, protonated

Isopropyl alkoxide ion

Isopropyl anion

Isopropyl oxonium ion

Kryptonium ion

Lactate ion

Lead hexachloride dianion

Lead hexafluoride dianion

Leucine, deprotonated

Leucine, protonated

Lysine, deprotonated

Lysine, doubly-protonated

Lysine, protonated

Maleic acid dianion

Maleic acid monoanion

Malonate (hydrogen) ion

Malonate dianion

Malononitrile anion

Mandalate ion

Manganate(V) ion

Manganate(VI) ion

Mercury(I) ion

Metaborate ion

Methionine, deprotonated

Methionine, protonated

Methoxide ion

Methoxyacetate ion

Methyl anion

4-Methyl-2,6-di-tert-butyl pryidinium ion

Methylamide anion

Methylammonium ion

Methyloxonium ion

2-Methylpyridinium ion

Methylsulfonium ion

Methylsulfonyl acetate ion

Methylthioacetate ion


Methyltriethylammonium ion

N5 Cation

Naphthalene radical anion

Neonium ion

Neopentyl cation

Nickel(II) tris(ethylenediamine) ion

Nitrate ion

Nitrenium ion

Nitric acid, protonated

Nitrite ion

Nitroacetate ion

Nitrobenzene SeAr intermediate

Nitrobenzene, protonated

Nitromethane, protonated

Nitronium ion

3-Nitrophenoxide ion

4-Nitrophenoxide ion

4-Nitrophenylammonium ion

Nitrosonium ion

Orthoborate ion

Tetrahydroorthoperiodate ion

Orthoperiodate (trihydrogen) ion

Orthosilicate ion

Oxalate dianion

Oxalate monoanion

Oxonium ion

Oxonium ion/18-Crown-6 Complex

Ozonide ion

Pentaaquahydroxychromium(III) ion

Pentaaquahydroxyiron(III) ion

Pentaaquathiocyanatoiron(III) ion

Pentaaquaoxovanadium(IV) ion

Pentadienyl anion

Pentadienyl cation

Pentahydrocobalt(I) ion

Pentalene dianion

Pentasulfide dianion

Perbromate ion

Perchlorate ion

Periodate ion

Permanganate ion

Peroxide ion

Peroxodisulfate(VI) ion

Perxenate ion

Phenoxide ion

Phenyl amide anion

Phenyl anion

Phenyl arsine anion

Phenyl cation

Phenyl phosphine anion

Phenyl selenium cation

Phenyl silyl anion

Phenylacetylide anion

Phenylalanine, deprotonated

Phenylalanine, protonated

Phenylammonium ion

Phenylethanone SeAr intermediate

9-Phenylfluorene anion

Phenyloxonium ion

Phenylselenide anion

Phenylsulfinate ion

Phenyltelluride anion

Phosphate dianion, hydrogen

Phosphate ion

Phosphine anion

Phosphite ion

Phosphonium ion

Phosphorus hexafluoride ion

Phthalate (o) (hydrogen) ion

o-Phthalate dianion

Phthalimide ion

Picrate ion

Piperidine, protonated

Platinum(II) tetrachloride ion

Platinum(IV) hexachloride ion

Potassium ion 18-crown-6 complex

Proline, deprotonated

Proline, protonated

Propanoate ion

Propargyl alkoxide ion

Propargylic cation

1-Propyl anion

1-Propyl ammonium ion

Pyridinium ion

Pyrrolidine, protonated

Pyruvate ion

Pyrylium ion

Quinolizinium ion

Rhenium nonahydride ion

Salicyate dianion

Salicyate ion

Scandium(III) hexafluoride ion

Selenate ion

Selenite (hydrogen) ion

Selenite ion

Selenonium ion

Serine, deprotonated

Serine, protonated

Silicate ion

Silyl anion

Stibine anion

Stibonium ion

(-) Strychnine, protonated

Succinate (hydrogen) ion

Succinate dianion

Succinimide anion

Succinyl coenzyme A

Sulfate ion

Sulfite ion

Sulfonium ion

Superoxide ion

Tartrate (hydrogen) ion

Tartrate dianion

Tellurite (hydrogen) ion

Tellurite ion

Telluronium ion

Tetraamminodiaquacopper(II) ion



Tetrabromoferrate ion

Tetrachloroaluminium ion


Tetrachlorocobolt(II) ion

Tetrachlorocopper(I) ion

Tetrachlorocopper(II) ion



Tetrafluoroberyllate ion

Tetrafluoroborate ion


Tetrahydroborate ion

Tetrahydrofuran, protonated

Tetrahydrogallinate ion

Tetrahydroindate ion

Tetrahydronickel(II) ion

Tetrahydroxyaluminate ion

Tetrahydroxyborate ion

Tetrahydrozinc(II) ion



Tetramethylammonium ion

Tetrasulfide dianion

Tetrathionate ion

Thiocyanate ion

Thiophenoxide ion

Thiopyrylium ion

Thiosulfate ion

Threonine, deprotonated

Threonine, protonated

Tin hexachloride dianion

Tin hexafluoride dianion

Tin pentachloride ion

p-Toluenesulfonate ion

Tribromine cation

Trichlorine cation

Trichloroacetate ion

2,2,2-Trichloro ethoxide ion

Tricyanomethane anion

Triethylammonium ion

Triethylarsonium ion

Triethyloxonium ion

Triethylphosphonium ion

Trifluoroacetate ion

2,2,2-Trifluoroethoxide ion

Trifluoromethane sulfonate ion

Triiodide ion

Triiodine cation

Trimethylammonium ion

4-(Trimethylammonium) phenol

Trimethyloxonium ion

Trimethylphosphonium ion

2,4,6-Trimethylpyridinium ion

Trimethylsilyl cation

bis(Trimethylsilyl)amide anion

Trimethylsulfonium ion

Trimethylsulfoxonium ion

Triphenylmethyl anion

Triphenylmethyl carbenium ion

Triphenyloxonium ion

Trisulfide dianion

Tropylium chromium tricarbonyl cation

Tropylium ion

Tryptophan, deprotonated

Tryptophan, protonated

Tungstate ion

Tyrosine, deprotonated

Tyrosine, doubly-deprotonated

Tyrosine, protonated

Urea, protonated

Valine, deprotonated

Valine, protonated

Vanadate(IV) ion

Vandate(V) ion

Vinyl anion

Xenate ion

Xenon fluoride cation

Xenon heptafluoride ion

Xenon octafluoride ion

Xenon, protonated

Zintl ion

Zundel cation

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