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Type 23 Lewis acid/base complex (generic)
  Special class of generic used to represent "generic chemical reactivity behaviour" rather than structure.

Read more about the different types of Lewis acid, Lewis base and Lewis acid/base complex in the Chemogenesis web book and here.

Type 23 Lewis acid/base complex (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Type 23 Lewis acid/base complex (generic)
Bismuth nitrate

Bismuth sulfide

Cadmium bromide

Cadmium chloride

Cadmium fluoride

Cadmium iodide

Cadmium oxide

Cadmium sulfide

Cerium(III) bromide

Cerium(III) chloride

Cerium(III) fluoride

Cerium(III) iodide

Cerium(III) oxide

Cerium(IV) fluoride

Cerium(IV) oxide

Chelate (AS/A2 generic)

Chlorohydrobis(triethylphosphine) platinium(II)

Chromium carbonyl

Chromium(II) bromide

Chromium(II) chloride

Chromium(II) fluoride

Chromium(II) iodide

Chromium(II) oxide

Chromium(III) bromide

Chromium(III) chloride

Chromium(III) fluoride

Chromium(III) hydroxide

Chromium(III) iodide

Chromium(III) oxide

Chromium(IV) bromide

Chromium(IV) chloride

Chromium(IV) fluoride

Chromium(IV) iodide

Chromium(IV) oxide

Chromium(V) fluoride

Chromium(VI) fluoride

Chromium(VI) oxide

Cobalt(II) bromide

Cobalt(II) carbonate

Cobalt(II) chloride

Cobalt(II) EDTA complex ion

Cobalt(II) fluoride

Cobalt(II) hydroxide

Cobalt(II) iodide

Cobalt(II) oxide

Cobalt(II) sulfate

Cobalt(II) sulfide

Cobalt(II) tris(ethanedioate) complex ion

Cobalt(II) tris(ethylenediamine) ion

Cobalt(II,III) oxide

Cobalt(III) chloride

Cobalt(III) dichloro bis(ethylenediamine) complex ion

Cobalt(III) fluoride

Cobalt(III) hydroxide

Cobalt(III) oxide

Cobalt(IV) oxide

Copper carbonate hydroxide

Copper(I) bromide

Copper(I) chloride

Copper(I) cyanide

Copper(I) fluoride

Copper(I) iodide

Copper(I) oxide

Copper(I) sulfide

Copper(I) thiocyanate

Copper(II) bromide

Copper(II) carbonate

Copper(II) carbonate, basic

Copper(II) chloride

Copper(II) EDTA complex ion

Copper(II) fluoride

Copper(II) hydroxide

Copper(II) nitrate

Copper(II) oxide

Copper(II) sulfate.5H2O

Copper(II) sulfate

Copper(II) sulfide

Diamminosilver(I) ion

Dichlorosilver(I) ion

Dichlorotetraaquachromium(III) ion

Dichlorotetraaquavanadium(III) ion

Dicobalt octacarbonyl

Dicyanosilver(I) ion

Diiron nonacarbonyl

Dimanganese decacarbonyl

Dioxovanadium(V) ion

Dithiosulfatosilver(I) ion

Dysprosium bromide

Dysprosium fluoride

Dysprosium iodide

Dysprosium oxide

Dysprosium(III) chloride

Erbium chloride hexahydrate

Erbium fluoride

Erbium iodide

Erbium(III) bromide

Erbium(III) oxide

Europium(II) bormide

Europium(II) chloride

Europium(II) fluoride

Europium(II) iodide

Europium(III) bromide

Europium(III) chloride

Europium(III) fluoride

Europium(III) iodide

Europium(III) oxide

Gadolinium bromide

Gadolinium chloride

Gadolinium fluoride

Gadolinium iodide

Gadolinium(III) oxide

Gold(I) bromide

Gold(I) chloride

Gold(I) iodide

Gold(I) oxide

Gold(III) bromide

Gold(III) chloride

Gold(III) fluoride

Gold(III) iodide

Gold(III) oxide


Hafnium(III) bromide

Hafnium(III) chloride

Hafnium(III) iodide

Hafnium(IV) bromide

Hafnium(IV) chloride

Hafnium(IV) fluoride

Hafnium(IV) iodide

Hafnium(IV) oxide

Hexaamminochromium(III) ion

Hexaamminocobalt(II) ion

Hexaamminocobalt(III) ion

Hexaaquaaluminium complex ion

Hexaaquachromium(II) ion

Hexaaquachromium(III) ion

Hexaaquacobolt(II) ion

Hexaaquacopper(II) ion

Hexaaquairon(II) ion

Hexaaquairon(III) ion

Hexaaquamanganese(II) ion

Hexaaquavanadium(II) ion

Hexaaquavanadium(III) ion


Hexahydroxychromium(III) ion

Holmium bromide

Holmium chloride

Holmium fluoride

Holmium iodide

Holmium(III) oxide

Iridium(III) bromide

Iridium(III) chloride

Iridium(III) fluoride

Iridium(III) iodide

Iridium(IV) bromide

Iridium(IV) chloride

Iridium(IV) fluoride

Iridium(IV) iodide

Iridium(IV) oxide

Iridium(VI) fluoride

Iron pentacarbonyl

Iron(II) bipyridyl ion

Iron(II) bromide

Iron(II) carbonate

Iron(II) chloride

Iron(II) fluoride

Iron(II) hydroxide

Iron(II) iodide

Iron(II) oxalate

Iron(II) oxide

Iron(II) sulfide

Iron(II) tungstate

Iron(II,III) oxide

Iron(III) bromide

Iron(III) chloride

Iron(III) chlorosulfate

Iron(III) fluoride

Iron(III) hydroxide

Iron(III) oxide

Iron(III) sulfate pentahydrate

Iron(III) tris(ethanedioate) complex ion

Lanthanum bromide

Lanthanum fluoride

Lanthanum iodide

Lanthanum(III) chloride

Lanthanum(III) oxide

Lead tetroxide

Lead(II) acetate

Lead(II) azide

Lead(II) bromide

Lead(II) carbonate

Lead(II) chloride

Lead(II) chromate

Lead(II) fluoride

Lead(II) iodide

Lead(II) nitrate

Lead(II) oxide

Lead(II) permanganate

Lead(II) phosphate

Lead(II) sulfate

Lead(II) sulfide

Lead(IV) oxide

Lead(IV) tetraacetate

Lithium diorganocopper reagent (generic)

Lutetium bromide

Lutetium chloride

Lutetium fluoride

Lutetium iodide

Lutetium oxide

Magnesium hexahydroiron(II) complex

Magnesium nickel hydride

Magnesium pentahydrocobalt(I) complex

Manganese dioxide

Manganese sulfide

Manganese(II) carbonate

Manganese(II) hydroxide

Manganese(II) tungstate

Manganese (II, III) oxide

Mercury(I) bromide

Mercury(I) chloride

Mercury(I) fluoride

Mercury(I) iodide

Mercury(I) oxide

Mercury(I) sulfide

Mercury(II) acetate

Mercury(II) bromide

Mercury(II) chloride

Mercury(II) fluoride

Mercury(II) fulminate

Mercury(II) iodide

Mercury(II) nitrate

Mercury(II) oxide

Mercury(II) sulfate

Mercury(II) sulfide

Molybdenum(II) bromide

Molybdenum(II) chloride

Molybdenum(II) iodide

Molybdenum(III) bromide

Molybdenum(III) chloride

Molybdenum(III) fluoride

Molybdenum(III) iodide

Molybdenum(IV) bromide

Molybdenum(IV) chloride

MolybdenumIV) fluoride

Molybdenum(IV) oxide

Molybdenum(IV) sulfide

Molybdenum(V) chloride

Molybdenum(V) fluoride

Molybdenum(V) oxide

Molybdenum(VI) fluoride

Molybdenum(VI) oxide

Nickel carbonyl

Nickel(II) bromide

Nickel(II) carbonate

Nickel(II) chloride

Nickel(II) fluoride

Nickel(II) hydroxide

Nickel(II) iodide

Nickel(II) oxide

Nickel(II) sulfide

Nickel(II) tris(ethylenediamine) ion

Nickel(III) arsinide

Niobium(II) oxide

Niobium(III) bromide

Niobium(III) chloride

Niobium(III) iodide

Niobium(III) oxide

Niobium(IV) oxide

Niobium(V) bromide

Niobium(V) chloride

Niobium(V) fluoride

Niobium(V) iodide

Niobium(V) oxide


pi-Organometallic (generic)

Osmium(III) chloride

Osmium(IV) bromide

Osmium(IV) chloride

Osmium(IV) fluoride

Osmium(IV) iodide

Osmium(IV) oxide

Osmium(V) chloride

Osmium(V) fluoride

Osmium(VI) fluoride

Osmium(VIII) fluoride

Osmium(VIII) oxide

Palladium(II) bromide

Palladium(II) chloride

Palladium(II) fluoride

Palladium(II) iodide

Palladium(II) oxide

Palladium(IV) fluoride

Pentaaquahydroxychromium(III) ion

Pentaaquahydroxyiron(III) ion

Pentaaquathiocyanatoiron(III) ion

Pentaaquaoxovanadium(IV) ion

Platinum(IV) hexafluoride

Platinum(II) bromide

Platinum(II) chloride

Platinum(II) fluoride

Platinum(II) iodide

Platinum(II) oxide

Platinum(II) tetrachloride ion

Platinum(II,IV) oxide

Platinum(III) chloride

Platinum(III) iodide

Platinum(IV) bromide

Platinum(IV) chloride

Platinum(IV) fluoride

Platinum(IV) hexachloride ion

Platinum(IV) iodide

Platinum(IV) oxide

Platinum(V) fluoride

Platinum(VI) oxide

Potassium permanganate

Potassium tetrahydrozinc(II) complex

Praseodymium(III) bromide

Praseodymium(III) chloride

Praseodymium(III) iodide

Praseodymium(III) oxide

Praseodymium(IV) oxide

Rhenium(III) bromide

Rhenium(III) chloride

Rhenium(III) iodide

Rhenium(IV) bromide

Rhenium(IV) chloride

Rhenium(IV) fluoride

Rhenium(IV) iodide

Rhenium(IV) oxide

Rhenium(V) bromide

Rhenium(V) chloride

Rhenium(V) fluoride

Rhenium(VI) fluoride

Rhenium(VI) oxide

Rhenium(VII) fluoride

Rhenium(VII) oxide

Ruthenium(III) bromide

Ruthenium(III) chloride

Ruthenium(III) fluoride

Ruthenium(III) iodide

Ruthenium(IV) chloride

Ruthenium(IV) fluoride

Ruthenium(IV) oxide

Ruthenium(V) fluoride

Ruthenium(VI) fluoride

Ruthenium(VIII) oxide

Samarium(II) bromide

Samarium(II) chloride

Samarium(II) fluoride

Samarium(II) iodide

Samarium(III) bromide

Samarium(III) chloride

Samarium(III) fluoride

Samarium(III) iodide

Samarium(III) oxide

Scandium(II) carbide

Scandium(III) bromide

Scandium(III) chloride

Scandium(III) fluoride

Scandium(III) hexafluoride ion

Scandium(III) iodide

Scandium(III) oxide

Silver bromate

Silver bromide

Silver carbonate

Silver chloride

Silver chromate(VI)

Silver cyanide

Silver difluoride

Silver iodate

Silver iodide

Silver nitrate

Silver oxalate

Silver oxide

Silver peroxide

Silver phosphate

Silver subfluoride

Silver sulfate

Silver sulfide

Silver thiocyanate

Silver(I) fluoride

Tantalum(III) bromide

Tantalum(III) chloride

Tantalum(IV) bromide

Tantalum(IV) chloride

Tantalum(IV) iodide

Tantalum(IV) oxide

Tantalum(V) bromide

Tantalum(V) chloride

Tantalum(V) fluoride

Tantalum(V) iodide

Tantalum(V) oxide

Technetium(IV) chloride

Technetium(IV) oxide

Technetium(V) fluoride

Technetium(VI) fluoride

Technetium(VI) oxide

Technetium(VII) oxide

Terbium bromide

Terbium chloride

Terbium fluoride

Terbium iodide

Terbium oxide

Tetraamminodiaquacopper(II) ion






Tetrachlorocobolt(II) ion

Tetrachlorocopper(II) ion


Tetra-ethyl lead

Tetrahydroxyaluminate ion

Tetrakis(triphenyl phosphine)palladium[0]

Thallium(I) chloride

Thallium(I) iodide

Thallium(I) sulfide

Thorium bromide

Thorium chloride

Thorium dioxide

Thorium fluoride

Thorium iodide

Thulium bromide

Thulium chloride heptahydrate

Thulium fluoride

Thulium iodide

Thulium(III) oxide

Tin(II) chloride

Tin(II) oxide

Tin(IV) oxide

Titanium dioxide

Titanium tetrachloride

Titanium(II) bromide

Titanium(II) chloride

Titanium(II) iodide

Titanium(II) oxide

Titanium(III) bromide

Titanium(III) chloride

Titanium(III) fluoride

Titanium(III) iodide

Titanium(III) oxide

Titanium(IV) bromide

Titanium(IV) fluoride

Titanium(IV) iodide






Tungsten(II) bromide

Tungsten(II) chloride

Tungsten(II) iodide

Tungsten(III) bromide

Tungsten(III) chloride

Tungsten(III) iodide

Tungsten(IV) bromide

Tungsten(IV) chloride

Tungsten(IV) fluoride

Tungsten(IV) iodide

Tungsten(IV) oxide

Tungsten(V) bromide

Tungsten(V) chloride

Tungsten(V) fluoride

Tungsten(VI) bromide

Tungsten(VI) chloride

Tungsten(VI) fluoride

Tungsten(VI) oxide

Tungsten(VI) oxide mono hydrate

Uranium(III) bromide

Uranium(III) chloride

Uranium(III) fluoride

Uranium(IV) bromide

Uranium(IV) chloride

Uranium(IV) fluoride

Uranium(IV) iodide

Uranium(IV) oxide

Uranium(IV, VI) oxide

Uranium(V) chloride

Uranium(VI) fluoride

Uranium(VI) oxide

Vanadium carbonyl

Vanadium(II) bromide

Vanadium(II) chloride

Vanadium(II) fluoride

Vanadium(II) iodide

Vanadium(II) oxide

Vanadium(III) bromide

Vanadium(III) chloride

Vanadium(III) fluoride

Vanadium(III) iodide

Vanadium(III) oxide

Vanadium(IV) bromide

Vanadium(IV) chloride

Vanadium(IV) fluoride

Vanadium(IV) oxide

Vanadium(V) fluoride

Vanadium(V) oxide



Ytterbium(II) bromide

Ytterbium(II) chloride

Ytterbium(II) fluoride

Ytterbium(II) iodide

Ytterbium(III) bromide

Ytterbium(III) chloride

Ytterbium(III) fluoride

Ytterbium(III) iodide

Ytterbium(III) oxide

Yttrium bromide

Yttrium chloride

Yttrium fluoride

Yttrium iodide

Yttrium phosphate

Yttrium(III) oxide

Zeise's salt

Zinc bromide

Zinc carbonate

Zinc chloride

Zinc dithionite

Zinc fluoride

Zinc hydroxide

Zinc iodide

Zinc nitrate

Zinc oxide

Zinc silicate

Zinc sulfide

Zirconium silicate

Zirconium(II) bromide

Zirconium(II) chloride

Zirconium(III) bromide

Zirconium(III) chloride

Zirconium(III) iodide

Zirconium(IV) bromide

Zirconium(IV) chloride

Zirconium(IV) fluoride

Zirconium(IV) iodide

Zirconium(IV) oxide

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