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Oxidised main group element oxidising agent (generic)
Redox agent: oxidised main group element oxidising agent (generic)
  Special class of generic used to represent "generic chemical reactivity behaviour" rather than structure.

Oxidised main group element oxidising agent (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Oxidised main group element oxidising agent (generic)
Amine N-oxide (generic)

Barium peroxide

Boron trioxide

Bromate ion

Bromic acid


Bromine cation

Bromine dioxide

Bromine, gas


Calcium hypochlorite

Chlorate ion

Chloric acid


Chlorine cation

Chlorine dioxide

Chlorine tetrachloroaluminate

Chlorite ion

Chlorosulfonic acid

Chlorous acid

Dichlorine monoxide

Dioxygen difluoride

Dithionite ion


Fluorine radical


Formate ion

Formic acid

Hypobromite ion

Hypobromous acid

Hypochlorite ion

Hypochlorous acid

Hypoflourite ion

Hypofluouous acid

Hypoiodite ion

Hypoiodous acid

Hyponitrite ion

Iodate ion

Iodic acid


Iodine cation

Iodine pentoxide

Iodine radical

Metaperiodic acid

Nitric acid, concentrated

Nitric acid, fuming

Nitric acid, gas phase species



Tetrahydroorthoperiodate ion

Orthoperiodate (trihydrogen) ion

Orthoperiodic acid

Oxygen difluoride

Perbromate ion

Perchlorate ion

Perchloric acid

Periodate ion

Picric acid

Potassium bromate

Potassium perbromate

Sodium bisulfite

Sodium chlorate(V)

Sodium chlorite

Sodium perborate

Sodium perchlorate

Sodium thiosulfate

Sulfur trioxide

Sulfuric acid

p-Toluenesulfonic acid monohydrate

Triiodide ion

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