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Electrophile (generic)
  Special class of generic used to represent "generic chemical reactivity behaviour" rather than structure.

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Electrophile (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Electrophile (generic)
Acetonitrile, protonated

Acetyl cation

Acyl cation (generic)

Acyl cation/tetrachloroaluminate complex (generic)

Aldehyde, protonated (generic)

Alkoxy cation (generic)

Alkyl methyl carbenium ion (generic)

Arenium ion (generic)

Benzonium ion

Benzoyl cation

Benzyl cation

Benzyl cation (generic)

Borane/THF Complex

Borane/THF Complex, 1.0 Molar solution in THF


Bromine cation

Bromine tetrabromoferrate

Bromomethylmethylcarbenium ion

But-1-ylium ion

tertiary Butyl carbocation

tertiary Butyl oxonium ion

Carbene, alkyl (generic)

Carbene, dialkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion

Carbenium ion (generic)

Carbenium ion, alkoxy (generic)

Carbenium ion, alkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-amino (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-thioether (generic)

Carbenium ion, dialkoxy (generic)

Carbenium ion, dialkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion, trialkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion/tetrachloro aluminate complex (generic)

Carbon dioxide


Chlorine cation

Chlorosulfonic acid

alpha-Cyclopropyl cation

Dialkylhydroxy carbenium ion (generic)

Diazonium ion (generic)


Dimethyl carbenium ion

Dimethylethylcarbenium ion

Dimethylhydroxy carbenium ion

Diphenyl carbenium ion


Electrophile, cationic (generic)

Electrophile, neutral (generic)

Ethylium ion

Formyl cation

Hydrogen sulfenium ion

Hydroxy carbenium ion

Hydroxy cation

Hydroxymethyl carbenium ion


Iodine cation


Nitrating mixture

Nitrene (generic)

Nitrilium ion (generic)

Nitronium ion

Nitrosonium ion


Phenyl cation

Phenyl selenium cation

Propargylic cation


Selenium cation (generic)

Silyl cation (generic)

Sulfur trioxide

Thiocation (generic)

Trialkyloxonium ion (generic)

Trialkylsulfonium ion (generic)


Triethyloxonium ion

Trimethyloxonium ion

Tritium cation

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