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Lobe-LUMO Lewis acid (generic)
  Special class of generic used to represent "generic chemical reactivity behaviour" rather than structure.

Read more about the different types of Lewis acid, Lewis base and Lewis acid/base complex in the Chemogenesis web book and here.

Lobe-LUMO Lewis acid (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Lobe-LUMO Lewis acid (generic)
Acetate ester (generic)

Acetonitrile, protonated

Acetyl cation

Acid chloride (generic)

Acyl cation (generic)

Acyl cation synthon (generic)

Aldehyde (generic)

Aldehyde, alpha-hydrogen (generic)

Aldehyde, protonated (generic)

Alkoxy cation (generic)

Alkyl alkoxy hydroxy carbenium ion (generic)

Alkyl bromide (generic)

1° Alkyl bromide (generic)

2° Alkyl bromide (generic)

Alkyl chloride (generic)

2° Alkyl chloride (generic)

2° Alkyl iodide (generic)

Alkyl methyl carbenium ion (generic)

Alkyl-Nfg complex (generic)

1° Alkyl-Nfg complex (generic)

3° Alkyl-Nfg complex (generic)

2° Alkyl-Nfg complex (generic)

Allylic cation synthon (generic)

Aluminium bromide

Aluminium chloride

Aluminium chloride dimer

Aluminium fluoride

Aluminium hydride

Aluminium iodide

1° Amide (generic)

2° Amide (generic)

3° Amide (generic)

Amide, protonated (generic)

Anhydride (generic)

Antimony(III) chloride

Antimony(III) fluoride

Antimony(v) chloride

Arenium ion (generic)

Azide (generic)

Benzoyl cation

Benzyl bromide

Benzyl cation

Benzyl cation (generic)

Benzyl-Nfg complex (generic)

Beryllium hydroxide


Boron tribromide

Boron trichloride

Boron trifluoride

Boron triiodide

Brønsted acid, oxonium (generic)


Bromine cation

Bromine chloride

alpha-Bromo ketone (generic)

alpha-Bromoaldehyde (generic)

Bromohydrin (generic)

alpha-Bromomethyl ketone (generic)

tertiary Butyl carbocation

Carbene, alkyl (generic)

Carbene, dialkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion

Carbenium ion (generic)

Carbenium ion, alkoxy (generic)

Carbenium ion, alkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-amino (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-ether (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-thioether (generic)

Carbenium ion, dialkoxy (generic)

Carbenium ion, dialkyl (generic)

Carbenium ion, trialkyl (generic)

Carboiimide (generic)

Carbon dioxide

Carbonate diester (generic)

Carbonyl function (generic)

Carboxylic acid, protonated (generic)


Chlorine cation

beta-Chloroethyl amine (generic)

beta-Chloroethyl ether (generic)

beta-Chloroethyl thioether (generic)

Chlorohydrin (generic)

Chlorosulfonic acid

Cumulene (generic)

Cyanogen bromide

Cyanogen chloride

Cyanogen iodide

Cyanohydrin, alkyl (generic)

alpha-Cyclopropyl cation

Cyclopropyl, methyl cation synthon (generic)

Dialkylhydroxy carbenium ion (generic)




Diethyl aluminium cyanide

Dihydroxymethyl carbenium ion


Diisobutylaluminium hydride

Dimethylethylcarbenium ion

Dimethylformamide, protonated

Dimethylhydroxy carbenium ion

Dioxygen cation

Diphenyl carbenium ion

Disulfide, organic (generic)

Enone (generic)

Epoxide (generic)

Ester (generic)

Ethenyl bromonium ion

Ethylcarbenium ion

Ethylene oxide

Ethylene sulfide

Ethylium ion

Fluorine cation


Formate ester (generic)

Formyl cation

Formyl chloride

Gallium bromide

Gallium chloride

Gallium fluoride

Gallium hydride

Gallium iodide

gem-Dichloride (generic)

Hydrogen sulfenium ion

beta-Hydroxy aldehyde (generic)

Hydroxy carbenium ion

Hydroxy cation

Hydroxydialkoxy carbenium ion (generic)

Hydroxymethyl carbenium ion

Indium chloride

Indium fluoride

Indium hydride

Indium iodide

Indium(III) bromide

Iodide, organic (generic)


Iodine azide

Iodine cation

Iodine cyanate

Iodine monobromide

Iodine monochloride

Iodine monofluoride

Isocyanate (generic)

Isothiocyanate (generic)

alpha-Keto carbenium ion (generic)

alpha-Keto carbenium synthon (generic)

beta-Ketoester (generic)

Ketone (generic)

Ketone, alkyl phenyl (generic)

Ketone, gamma-alkyl (generic)

Malonate diester (generic)

Methyl ester (generic)

Methyl formate

Methyl iodide

Methyl ketone (generic)

alpha-Methyl ketone (generic)

Methyl-Nfg complex (generic)


N5 Cation

Neopentyl cation

Nitrene (generic)

Nitrenium ion

Nitrile (generic)

Nitrilium ion (generic)

Nitronium ion

Nitrosonium ion

Nitrosyl chloride

Orthoboric acid

Oxime (generic)

Peroxide, organic (generic)

Phenyl cation

Phenyl ester (generic)

Phenyl selenenyl bromide

Phenyl selenium cation


Phosphorus oxychloride

Phosphorus pentachloride

Phosphorus trichloride

Propargylic cation

Propargylic cation synthon (generic)


Selenium cation (generic)

Silyl cation (generic)

Sulfonylchloride (generic)

Sulfoxide (generic)

Sulfur dioxide

1,1,2,2- Tetrachloroalkane (generic)

Thallium(I) bromide

Thallium(I) fluoride

Thallium(III) bromide

Thallium(III) chloride

Thallium(III) fluoride

Thiocarbenium ion (generic)

Thiocation (generic)

Thiocyanate (generic)

Thioketone (generic)

Thionyl chloride



Trialkylborane (RCH2CH2)3B (generic)

Trialkylsulfonium ion (generic)



Trimethyl borate



Trimethyloxonium ion

Trimethylsilyl cation

Triphenylmethyl carbenium ion

alpha, beta-Unsaturated EWG function (generic)


Urea or carbonate (generic)

Urea, protonated

Vinyl chloride (generic)

Vinyl ether (generic)


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