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Onium ion Lewis acid (generic)
  Special class of generic used to represent "generic chemical reactivity behaviour" rather than structure.

Read more about the different types of Lewis acid, Lewis base and Lewis acid/base complex in the Chemogenesis web book and here.
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Onium ion Lewis acid (generic)
is defined with respect to the entities below:
The entities below are defined with respect to:
Onium ion Lewis acid (generic)
Aldehyde, protonated (generic)

Alkyl alkoxy hydroxy carbenium ion (generic)

Alkyl oxonium ion (generic)

1° Alkyl oxonium ion (generic)

Alkyl telluronium ion (generic)

Amide, protonated (generic)

Ammonium ion

1° Ammonium ion (generic)

2° Ammonium ion (generic)

3° Ammonium ion (generic)

4° Ammonium ion (generic)

Aqueous mineral acid, 0.05 to 1.0 molar (generic)

Argonium ion

Aronium ion (generic)

Arsonium ion

Arsonium ion (generic)

Benzene diazonium ion

Benzonium ion

Brønsted acid, oxonium (generic)

Bromonium ion

tertiary Butyl oxonium ion

Carbenium ion, beta-amino (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-ether (generic)

Carbenium ion, beta-thioether (generic)

Carbonium ion

Carboxylic acid, protonated (generic)

Chloronium ion

Chloronium ion, alkyl (generic)

Dialkyl oxonium ion (generic)

Dialkyl telluronium ion (generic)

Dialkylhydroxy carbenium ion (generic)

Diazonium ion (generic)

Difluorochloronium ion

Dihydroxymethyl carbenium ion

Dimethyl sulfonium ion

Dimethylammonium ion

Dimethylformamide, protonated

Dimethylhydroxy carbenium ion

Dimethyloxonium ion

Dimethylsulfoxide, protonated

Diphenylammonium ion

Duteronium ion

Eigen Cation

Ethenyl bromonium ion

Ethylacetate, protonated

Ethylbenzene SeAr intermediate

Fluoronium ion

Fluoronium ion, alkyl (generic)

Guanidine, protonated

Hydrazinium ion

Hydronium ion, [H3]+

Hydroxy acid, protonated (generic)

Hydroxy carbenium ion

Hydroxyammonium ion

Hydroxydialkoxy carbenium ion (generic)

Hydroxymethyl carbenium ion

Imidazonium ion

Iodonium ion

Iodonium ion, alkyl (generic)

Isopropyl oxonium ion

Kryptonium ion

Methylammonium ion

Methyloxonium ion

Methylsulfonium ion

Methyltriethylammonium ion

Neonium ion

Nitric acid, protonated

Nitrilium ion (generic)

Nitrobenzene SeAr intermediate

Nitrobenzene, protonated

Nitromethane, protonated

Oxonium ion

Phenyl ammonium ion (generic)

Phenylammonium ion

Phenylethanone SeAr intermediate

Phenyloxonium ion

Phosphonium ion

Phosphonium ion (generic)

Phosphonium ion, alkyl triphenyl (generic)

Protonated base, [H-B]+ (generic)

Pyridinium ion

Pyrylium ion

Selenonium ion

Stibonium ion

Sulfonium ion

Sulfonium ion, alkyl (generic)

Sulfonium ion, dialkyl (generic)

Telluronium ion

Tetrahydrofuran, protonated

Tetramethylammonium ion

Thiocarbenium ion (generic)

Thiopyrylium ion

Trialkyloxonium ion (generic)

Trialkylsulfonium ion (generic)

Triethylarsonium ion

Trimethylammonium ion

Trimethyloxonium ion

Trimethylphosphonium ion

Trimethylsulfonium ion

Trimethylsulfoxonium iodide

Trimethylsulfoxonium ion

Triphenyloxonium ion

Urea, protonated

Xenon fluoride cation

Xenon, protonated

Ylid (generic)

Zundel cation

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